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recycled bikes

Got a bike you don’t want anymore? Want give it to someone that will use it? Or maybe you are looking to buy or get a recycled bike. We’ve found over 30 places and organisations can help. See the map for locations.

About Us

This site collates the many bicycle recycling organisations in Australia. Most of them take in unwanted bikes, repair them, and sell them or give them to those that need them.


  1. Reduce. As with all earthly resources – reduce first (do you really need a 3rd new bike?); then reuse (can you get a 2nd hand bike instead of a new one?); then recycle (give or sell the bike to someone that will use it).
  2. Buy Quality. If buying new, buy quality – toystore or department store bikes can be poorer quality and usually last only one owner. If you can, buy from a bike store, preferably local – your bike will last longer, fit, and be useful for the next owner (or four). Bike recyclers usually dismantle toystore for parts and metal recycling after one owner.
  3. Buy Right. Get a bike that suits your needs and fits you. Buy a bike that suits the majority of your intended use – if you are going to be mostly mountain biking with some road commuting, then buy a mountain bike rather than a flat bar road bike with knobbly tyres. Fit is essential – don’t buy a cheaper bike if it does not fit (just like shoes). Your bike shop can help.
  4. Care. Look after your bike. A bike will last much longer if you keep the tyres pumped up, the chain lubed and give it a regular wash down (esp. after riding in the rain or mud) and service.
  5. Give. Give your bike – locally if you can. When you’ve finished with your bike try to find someone else that will use it – a friend; a local charity; or sell it/give it away on ebay/ Gumtree or via social media (e.g. Facebook marketplace or Good Karma Networks).
  6. Give now. Don’t leave the bike rotting or rusting in the shed or backyard. There are people that can use it. Donate or sell it now rather than later.
Fixing bikes at Davis Creek Primary School – attitude!


Each year, across the 36 bicycle recycling groups listed, they recycle over 10,000 bikes and generate over 350,000 extra bike rides.

Collective impact








Mechanics at Flemington Primary School
Dr Cranky’s recycles over 500 bikes a year at primary schools for children in need
TRACTION at work
traction brings young people a sense of success
A sister helps her brother install a bell on his bike
Bikes delivered to asylum seekers – Footscray Bike Shed
Removing training wheels – oh the symbolism!
New Bike Shops in Namibia – Bikes For Humanity